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He Got Christmas (Redux)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

‘Tis that season again, all sparkly and jingly. And sometimes not so much. The light collides with darkness; joy and wonder meet angst and longing. Layering divorce on top of it all exponentially increases the complexity. It’s the deep psychic part of the split, the division of the intangible assets of shared culture and ritual and celebration. This time last year I wrote the story of a friend and former client who told me her husband got Christmas in their divorce and explained, in eloquent detail, what that meant. Her story is so poignant, I think it bears repeating.

I ran into Sarah, a friend who also happens to be a former client, at a holiday party last week. As we chatted about her kids coming home from college, mine arriving from Brooklyn, and our respective plans for the holiday week, she suddenly got quiet. “I lost Christmas in the divorce,” she said. I had to ask her what she meant.

Sarah is Jewish. She was married to a man for seventeen years who is Catholic. Christmas, in his extended Italian family, was huge. Newly wed at twenty-three, Sarah immediately embraced the holiday…read the full post

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