May 2023

Every Other Weekend

Every Other Weekend is a contemporary divorce novel, both funny and poignant, which includes a courtroom drama and a millennial polyamorous girlfriend. Set in the politically progressive, urban, and notably self-satisfied community of Greenwood, the story centers around forty-ish hipster dad Jake, and unfolds from multiple points of view, including those of other family members, both human and canine, Jake’s self-absorbed divorce lawyer, a cranky family court judge who presides over his custody case, and various choruses of friends and neighbors who gossip, dissect and weigh in.


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September 2013

Keeping it Civil

In her 2013 book, Keeping It Civil: The Case of the Pre-Nup and The Porsche & Other True Accounts from the Files of a Family Lawyer, Margaret Klaw gives us insights into these hot-button issues in a whole new way. Presenting true cases from her busy family law practice, Klaw draws us into these provocative societal issues through the lens of ordinary people seeking counsel and provides a fascinating window into sweeping changes in the way we define families today.

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