About the Book

Divorce, custody, adoption, reproductive technology, marriage equality, and domestic violence: these are issues that touch all of our personal lives in some way or another and make news headlines every single day.

In her riveting book, Keeping It Civil: The Case of the Pre-Nup and The Porsche & Other True Accounts from the Files of a Family Lawyer, Margaret Klaw gives us insights into these hot-button issues in a whole new way. Presenting true cases from her busy family law practice, Klaw draws us into these provocative societal issues through the lens of ordinary people seeking counsel and provides a fascinating window into sweeping changes in the way we define families today.

Klaw offers a rare inside look at how a lawyer negotiates with opposing counsel, prepares witnesses for testimony, sifts through legal precedents to develop her courtroom strategy, presents arguments to the judge, and handles clients. As Atul Gawande and Oliver Sacks have done for the medical profession, Klaw brings a deeper understanding of the way cultural attitudes about sex, money, women, and relationships influence the law—and vice versa. These cases are as addictive to read as they are intellectually stimulating—it’s impossible to read just one!